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Tales and Tomes

1984 George Orwell

1984 George Orwell

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In an alternate timeline, it is 1984. The world governments have collapsed, coalescing into a few totalitarian regimes. What was one the United States has come under the vigilance of a perverse, omnipresent authority known only as Big Brother. Big Brother watches everyone, his eye constantly examines the events and shapes the past to his clandestine needs. No one has any sort of freedom. There is no freedom in life, no freedom in death and definitely no freedom in love. Even reproduction becomes a government-authorized act, and love must be approved and even initiated by Big Brother’s council. In this dystopian timeline, Winston Smith is a man who works in the Records Department of the Ministry of Truth. He is tasked with rewriting history so that the records match the constantly changing party line and the machinations of Big Brother. He constantly hopes to break away from Big Brother’s gaze, and when he meets a young woman named Julia who has the same idea as he does, he begins to find a means of challenging Big Brother’s authority.

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