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Tales and Tomes



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"In Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, the focus is on Charlie Bucket, a young boy who lives with his destitute family. His parents, though hard working, are nearly always poor. Besides them, there are two sets of grandparents who live with them, and they are nearly always ailing, confined to their beds.

In Charlie’s little town, there is one place that always generates a lot of interest, which is a massive factory built by the infamous chocolates and confectionery maker, Willy Wonka. One of Charlie’s grandfathers, Joe, explains what he remembers of the factory.

There are a number of mysteries surrounding the factory, in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. For one thing, the factory was non-productive for a long time, after which WIlly Wonka suddenly reappeared with a great secret sweet recipe and took the factory to new heights. Another mystery is that no employees are ever seen entering or leaving the factory.

A newspaper article says that Willy Wonka has placed five golden tickets in his chocolates, and those who are lucky enough to get these tickets will be given a tour of the factory. Understandably, the event is given wide press coverage, and the Bucket family read about the four children who get tickets. All four of them are extremely spoilt and badly behaved children.

As it turns out, Charlie gets the fifth ticket by sheer luck. All five children are taken into the factory and shown the sights. What happens to the spoilt kids? What happens to Charlie? Who exactly is Willy Wonka? Charlie And The Chocolate Factory is the manifestation of every child's dream."

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