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Heroes of Olympus : The Son of Neptune

Heroes of Olympus : The Son of Neptune

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"Heroes Of Olympus: The Son Of Neptune takes the story forward from where the previous novel in the series The Lost Hero ended. As Percy Jackson wakes up from his long sleep, he is confused and does not remember much from his past. The only thing he remembers is his name and a person from his past with the name Annabeth.

As the son of Poseidon, Percy Jackson wakes up to the reality of his life that is a chaotic world of monsters, gods, and demigods. He realizes that he is followed by two snake-haired women who are hard to get rid of. He travels to the camp for the half-bloods which confuses him as he does not understand his purpose yet.

He meets the wolf Lupa who informs him about his true identity, that of a demigod and teaches him how to use his pocket sword to fight. Still, Percy’s mind does not give him any clear clues about his past and the vision is still blurred. The only thing the reader is sure about is that the quest followed by Percy and other demigods Hazel and Frank – the one that began in the previous books of the series – is still on. The search for the Prophesy of Seven has to be accomplished at any cost. They cannot fail in their mission or else many lives and the world might be on the verge of complete destruction.

Heroes Of Olympus: The Son Of Neptune begins with another camp for half-bloods and takes the reader to the land that is much beyond that of the gods. It brings into action new creatures including demigods and frightening monsters who have a role to play in the Prophesy of Seven. And thus, like its previous volumes, even this one is fascinating enough to keep the reader hooked till the last page. Heroes Of Olympus: The Son Of Neptune was well received, and it was listed on the bestsellers list of USA Today, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. It has sold more than three million copies.g"
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